Car Parks

Car Parks

High Bentham

Free Car Parking is available in High Bentham at Grasmere Drive Car Park,

Cleveland Square is designated as a market square, but it is frequently used for parking.,

There is also parking at  Lairgill and at the side of the roads where permitted. Current restrictions vary between 20 and 30 minutes and if you move your car from one end of town to the other, Your time DOES NOT start again.  We Do have wardens  Beware.  Safer to use the car parks.

There are car parks at the Black Bull Hotel for customers of the hotel and for those on Town Hall business and the Methodist Church, High Bentham for those attending services.

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Low Bentham

In Low Bentham FREE parking is available at the Car Park by the Victoria Institute, and by the side of the road. Restrictions apply to some roadside parking.

There are car parks at St John the Baptist Church, Low Bentham for those attending services.