The Wenning Walk

The Wenning Walk

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park enterance

Fig. 1

park exit

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kissing gate


wenn oak

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south west

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tunnel lane

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This lovely, fairly short walk goes along the south of the river Wenning from High Bentham to Low Bentham, and returns on the north of the river to the starting point. Look out for the “Wenning Oak, the Trout Farm and keep an eye open for kingfishers and herons. In High Bentham, walk down Station Road past the Nat. West Bank, and the Kidde/Angus Fire factory on your right.

Proceed over the river bridge and the entrance to Riverside Caravan Park is on the right. Go down the road to the caravan park to a cattle grid and follow the footpath to the right th5rough a small planting of trees. (See Fig 1.) Cross a small wooden bridge, go over the stile and you are now entering the park itself.

The footpath takes a direct route over the grass and joins a tarmac road. Carry on straight, parallel with the river, leave the road at a sharp left hand bend and continue in a straight line through the small wooden fence. Keep going straight and you will rejoin a tarmac road. On the right will be a river bridge. Carry on parallel with the river and follow the road round a sharp left hand bend and further along on your right go through a gap in the stone wall and follow the path to the left corner of the field (See Fig2.) Follow the path up a slight rise to the first kissing gate (Fig 3. ) and then bear right up the stone steps.

Follow the path over two fields, getting closer to the river. Go over the stile and from a small stone footbridge you can see the Wenning Oak. (See Fig 4.) The path now follows the river bank (See Fig 5.) and eventually, as you note the river is getting deeper, you will approach the weirs. (See Fig 6/7.) From here the path climbs away from the river, through a stile/gate and joins a country lane. Turn right and continue on the road till you go under a railway bridge and come to a junction where you cross the road and turn right. This takes you into Low Bentham where on your right, across the road you will see a post box (See Fig 8.)

Take the lane between the buildings (the least scenic part of the walk!) and go through the tunnel under the railway and then turn left parallel with the railway. Stay on the lane, following it round to the right till you enter an open field. Now just follow the river bank back to High Bentham.

As you approach High Bentham follow the path along the side of the sewerage works and re-enter the Riverside Caravan Park. When the path turns left, take a diagonal line across the grass to the tarmac road and go straight parallel to the river. At the junction turn left, stay on his road and bear right till you come to a locked gate and stile. Go over the stile, turn left and follow the road past the sports field. At the next junction turn left up Station Road to High Bentham.

We hope that you’ll have a lovely sunny day and enjoy this pleasant walk.

Distance 3-5 miles.

Pictures and Copy by Andrew Armstrong